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Chapter 1

One morning in the Bahamas Rebecca Lloyd was setting the table ready for breakfast. Her husband Artemis was in the kitchen making the breakfast. Their kids Weston and Daniel were in the living room watching TV Together. back in the kitchen Rebecca was making herself some coffee. Artemis is almost done cooking. Rebecca got her coffee. She set her coffee on the table. Artemis set the food on the table. He called Weston and Daniel over. We all sat down and ate our food. While eating Rebecca was thinking about her brother in Christ Zig. After having breakfast Rebecca gather up the dishes and starts doing the dishes. Artemis was in the bathroom taking a shower. Weston and Daniel were in their room packing their stuff for the trip to Japan. Rebecca was packing her stuff too. Artemis was getting out of the shower drying himself off. Rebecca got done packing her stuff. She was bringing the stuff to the car. Weston and Daniel were bringing their stuff to the car too. Artemis was putting on his pilot uniform. After loading the car up Rebecca and the kids walked back inside the house. Meanwhile her father Dewey was packing for the trip too. " This is going to be awesome and great going to Japan." Dewey thought. He got into his stuff and drove to the airport to meet his daughter, Artemis, and the kids. Rebecca and the kids were in the living room waiting for Artemis. Artemis was in is flight uniform he walked into the living room where Rebecca and the kids are. " We're ready to go Artemis." said Rebecca. " Alright let's go." said Artemis taking Rebecca's hand. She took his hand and walked out of the house and into the car. Weston and Daniel were already in their seats in the car. Artemis and Rebecca got in the car. Artemis drives to the airport. Rebecca was looking out the window. The car arrived at the airport. Artemis, Rebecca, and the kids got out of the car and walked in the airport. Weston and Daniel saw their Grandfather. Dewey saw his daughter. " Hey Dad." said Rebecca. " Hey there Daughter." Dewey said. Dewey and Rebecca hugged each other. Artemis said " I'll see you on board the place sweetheart." " Okay Artemis. See you on the plane." said Rebecca. Artemis kissed her forehead and left to board his plane. Rebecca stay with her father and the kids to wait for the boarding sign. Inside his plane Artemis and his co-pilot Martin were getting the plane ready. Artemis put on the boarding sign. Dewey saw the boarding sign. " It's time to be the plane Daughter." Dewey said. " Kay Dad. Weston and Daniel time to board." said Rebecca. " Okay Mommy." Weston said. Dewey, Rebecca, Weston, and Daniel show the flight Attendant their passes and board the plane. On the plane Rebecca found their seats. Artemis spoke on the intercom from the cock pit of the plane. All the passengers listen to Artemis. The plane taxes down the runway. " We're on our way Zig." Rebecca thought. Daniel and Weston held on to Rebecca's arms. She hugged them back. The plane took off from the airport. Their destination was the LAX airport in California. The plane reached cursing altitude. Flight Attendants did their rounds. Dewey was having some food to eat. Same with Rebecca and the kids. After eating Rebecca bought out her storybook to finish up her story. Daniel and Weston were looking out the window of the plane. Dewey was taking a nap. While writing her story Rebecca was thinking about the next part of the story. " What are you writing Mommy?" Daniel asked. " I'm writing a story about my Mother's dog his name is Jake." Rebecca said. Dewey gasp when he heard his daughter said her Mother's dog name. " Is he up in Heaven Mommy?" Daniel asked. " Yes he is Daniel." Rebecca said.  

Chapter 2

After writing in the storybook Rebecca place her book back in her bag. In the cock-pit of the plane Artemis turn the fasten your seat belt sigh. Everyone in the plane put their seats belts on. Rebecca, Dewey, Daniel, and Weston already had their seat belts on. The plane starts to descend towards the airport. Rebecca looked out the window of the plane she saw LAX airport up ahead. " We're almost there." Rebecca thought. Artemis radio the control tower for permission to land. The tower gave them permission to land. Artemis land the plane on the runway and drove to the gate. The plane arrived at the gate. All the passengers got off the plane. Rebecca took Weston and Daniel to the restrooms in the airport. After the restroom Daniel, Weston, and Rebecca walked back to Artemis and Dewey. " Hey there sweetie pie." said Artemis taking Rebecca into his arms. Rebecca hugged her husband. We all hanged out until we had to board the next flight to Japan. The time came to board the flight. " See you on the plane Rebecca dear." Artemis said. " We'll see you on the flight Artemis." said Rebecca. They hugged and kissed. Artemis and Martin left to board the plane to get it ready for the long flight to Japan. Weston and Daniel were very excited going to Japan. back on the plane Artemis put on the boarding sign. " It's time to board." said Dewey. " You got it Dad." Rebecca said. Daniel and Weston held on to Rebecca's hand. They board their flight to Japan. After boarding Rebecca and Dewey were putting the last of their luggage in the storage unit in the plane. They took their seats. The plane took off from LAX airport. The plane flew the rest of the way to Japan. Night time arrived. Weston and Daniel were getting tired. Martin walked out of the cock pit and said " Artemis knows a place where you and your family can sleep." We follow Martin to the sleeping quarters of the plane. Martin show them the quarters. Martin return to the cock pit of the plane. Rebecca tucked Weston and Daniel into bed. " Goodnight Weston and Daniel." said Rebecca. " Night Mommy." Weston and Daniel said. Dewey was sleeping in his bed. Rebecca got into her bed she tries falling asleep but the memory of Jake's death still haunts her. Dewey woke up for a minute to see his daughter awake. " Rebecca honey try to get some sleep." said Dewey. " I know Dad, I just miss Jake a lot." Rebecca said. " I know Daughter." said Dewey. Rebecca and her father fell right to sleep. Artemis and Martin flew the plane all night until Japan came into view. The next morning Dewey, Weston, and Daniel woke up. Rebecca was sleeping in a little bit. Dewey and the kids got all dressed and went back to their seats. Rebecca woke up feeling a lot better. She got out of bed and starts getting dressed. After getting dressed Rebecca left the bedroom of the plane to see her father and kids. " Mommy." said Daniel. " Morning." Rebecca said. She took her seat next to her sons. " Hey there Daughter slept well?" Dewey asked. " I slept good Dad." said Rebecca. Dewey smiled. Rebecca sat next to Weston and Daniel. They all had breakfast. The plane arrived in Japan. Dewey, Rebecca, Weston, and Daniel were all buckled in. The plane started to descend.  
Another story I did back in 2011

Main Character: Rebecca Lloyd and Dewey Jones :iconrebaju2:, Artemis Lloyd, Weston Lloyd, Daniel Lloyd, Zig Lloyd, Toshi Lloyd, and Martin :iconwaluigiwario:
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I wish I knew what the characters looked like so I could visualize them.
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.... * Feels nervous*
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