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Chapter 3

The plane land at one of the airports in Toyko, Japan. The passengers all got off the plane. Rebecca left the plane with her father and the boys. Back in the cock pit Artemis and Martin were shutting everything off in the plane. They walked through the terminal and into the airport. Rebecca saw her husband. Artemis saw his wife waiting for him. " Hey Artemis." she said. " Hey there sweetheart." he said taking her in her hand. She held his hand. They joined Dewey and the kids. They arrived at the rental car place right next to the airport. " It's been awhile sense Artemis and I came back to Japan." Rebecca thought. They got into their rental cars and drove to Zig's house. While driving Rebecca was looking out the window of the car. The scenery was wonderful and pretty. " This is where Artemis and I got married." she thought. Weston and Daniel were looking out their window of the rental car. Artemis drove the car to his father's house. Dewey followed behind Artemis's car. Both cars arrived at Zig's house. Zig and his wife Toshi were on the porch to greet them. Artemis got out of the car first follow by Rebecca and the kids. Dewey got out of the car last. We all walked in to settle down Rebecca was in on of the guest bedroom unpacking their stuff. After unpacking she lies on the bed to rest. Artemis was seeing his parents so were Daniel and Weston. Dewey was in his guest room too. Rebecca fell asleep on the bed. She was very tired from the long flight. " Where's Rebecca?" Zig asked. " She's sleeping in one of the guestrooms." said Artemis. " She must be tired from the long flight." Zig said. Artemis nodded. Meanwhile in the guest bedroom Rebecca woke up from her nap. " That was refreshing." said Rebecca. She got out of bed and walked out of the room to see her family. Artemis saw his wife walk out of the guest room. " Hey Artemis and Zig." said Rebecca. " Hey there sweetheart." Artemis said. " Hey there Rebecca." said Zig. Zig and Rebecca hugged each other. After the hug Toshi took Rebecca shopping in down town Japan. Artemis, Weston, Daniel, Zig, and Dewey were having a guy time. After shopping with Toshi Rebecca hanged out with Weston and Daniel. Everyone had dinner and having a wonderful time in Japan. Inside Zig's house Rebecca was putting Weston and Daniel down for bed. After saying goodnight to them she went outside to see the moon. She looked up at the night sky and starts to pray. " It's so beautiful out here tonight." Rebecca thought. She walked back to the house to see her family.

The End
Chapter 3 and 4 of the story!!

Main Characters: Rebecca Lloyd and Dewey Jones :iconrebaju2:, Artemis Lloyd, Weston Lloyd, Daniel Lloyd, Martin, Zig Lloyd and Toshi Lloyd :iconwaluigiwario:
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January 5, 2012
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